30 Best Job Search Sites to Find Your Dream Job [For Every Industry]



30 Best Job Search Sites to Find Your Dream Job [For Every Industry]

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Joanna Ryś

Sourcing Specialist

Joanna Ryś


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So you’ve decided to get a new job. Good idea! The best way to get a raise is to give yourself one, after all 😉 Or maybe this is your first job? The beginning of your career marks one of the most important moments of your life!

Either way, it’s important you do it right. You didn’t go through all of those years of college for nothing!

Looking for a job used to involve a lot of footwork — carrying your resume around the city to a few different companies and then waiting by the phone for days or even weeks. Nowadays, things have gotten a lot more convenient, with job offers just a click or two away. Seems easy, right?

30 job search sites worth checking out

But then you do a quick Google search and the sheer number of results leaves your head spinning. Oops. It turns out that having too many options is sort of exhausting. I mean, where to even begin?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Keep reading for a guide so extensive you’ll know just where to look to find the right job offer for you.

So, without further ado: let’s get started!

30 job search sites worth checking out

Some of these websites are for more general job searches, and some are more niche. Read my short summaries and figure out which is right for you.

Behance logo


Behance is more of a niche job search website, for those looking for jobs in the area of graphic and fashion design, as well as photography, illustrations and other creative work. It’s user-friendly and allows its users to showcase their visual work. What’s more, you can automatically upload your portfolio and attach it to your job application. Super convenient!

Behance.net - Job Search Sites


CareerBuilder logo


CareerBuilder is one of the oldest and most successful job search sites. Their salary tools will help you figure out how much to ask at an interview, and also suggest new skills you might want to get in order to be more valuable as an employee. And their Quick Apply feature will allow you to apply for 25+ jobs in under a minute!

CareerBuilder - Job Search Sites


CollegeRecruiter logo


The name of this website tells you all you need to know – it’s there to help college and university students looking for internships, seasonal work, and part-time jobs. CollegeRecruiter lets you filter jobs that might be suitable for you by major, so if you’re looking for an entry-level position, check them out. Why wait until after college to start your career?

CollegeRecruiter - Job Search Sites


Craigslist logo


I can almost hear you incredulously exclaiming, “Wait, what? Craigslist?!” Yes, Craigslist. Though you’re not likely to find job advertisements for international corporations on here, there are plenty for smaller, more local companies. So if that’s what you’re looking for, give them a visit!

Craigslist - Job Search Sites


Dice logo


Tech, tech, and more tech! Fintech, greentech, biotech, adtech, or any other tech out there – there are over 70,000 tech jobs on Dice, and one of them should be just right for you. No matter whether you’re hunting for a job in a trendy startup or an established corporation, Dice has got it. The custom job notifications are a nice, convenient touch, too.

Dice - Job Search Sites


Dribbble logo


Much like Behance, Dribbble has thousands of job offers for designers and other creatives both locally and internationally, both remote and in-house. If contract work is your scene, Dribbble is sure to have some interesting options for you.

Dribbble - Job Search Sites


ErasmusIntern logo


Being an Erasmus student means you get to study abroad, an incredibly educational experience. And you know what would make it even more educational? Getting a job in that foreign country as well. ErasmusIntern is a place where companies can offer their internship vacancies to Erasmus students. Most positions are entry-level, for assistants or trainees.

ErasmusIntern - Job Search Sites


Glassdoor logo


Glassdoor is a practical, well-loved option, with handy filters such as salary range and distance. It also contains anonymously submitted company reviews and salary references, so you can easily check what past and present employees think about the company, and how much people in positions similar to yours make there.

Glossdoor - Job Search Sites


Google Careers logo

Google for Jobs

This list would not be complete without the absolute king of 21st century searches: Google. The sky’s the limit for Google’s AI that shows you an array of jobs nearby without you having to create a profile on a new website. I mean, Google knows everything about you anyway, why not give it a go?

Google Careers - Job Search Sites


Hired logo


Hired has revolutionized the employment market. And it’s no wonder they’ve been so successful, seeing as how they pay every successful job applicant a hiring bonus… Wait, my dream job AND a pocketful of cash? Somebody pinch me! If you’re looking for employment in the field of IT, UX/UI design, make sure you pay Hired.com a visit.

Hired - Job Search Sites


Idealist logo


Want to feel like you are giving back? Check out Idealist, a job search site where true idealists can be connected with the possibility to do good around the globe. Idealist is a nonprofit organization that offers  job listings and volunteer opportunities at other nonprofits. Because somebody’s got to save the oceans!

Idealist - Job Search Sites


Indeed logo

Indeed Jobs

Indeed Jobs’ claim to fame is being the #1 job site. It is definitely hard to argue with 250 million unique visitors from 60 countries per month! Indeed Jobs has offers from companies of all sizes, from Mom & Pops to international corporations. There’s got to be something out there for you!

Indeed - Job Search Sites


Job.com logo


Job.com is one of several companies on this list that use cutting edge AI to match applicants with one of the 200k available jobs on the website. Job.com also rewards successful jobseekers with a bonus equivalent to 5% of their annual salary. Does that sound good to you? Then check them out!

Job.com - Job Search Sites


JobisJob logo


This simple, easy to use website contains millions of offers from all over the country, as well as many from abroad. Filters such as location allow you to zero in on offers that interest you most.

JobisJob - Job Search Sites


Joblift logo


Joblift partners with 4,000 job boards for a grand total of over 10 million (!) vacancies, all available via one website. In fact, Joblift’s own website boasts having collected the “entire online job market on one platform”, and with numbers like that, it’s hard to argue with its comprehensiveness.

Joblift - Job Search Sites




Joblist contains offers from leading companies from all industries, such as FedEx, Lyft and Walmart. The instant search functionality and slick interface make it simple and pleasant to use.

Jobist - Job Search Sites


Linkedin logo


An obvious choice for many, LinkedIn has been connecting professionals from around the world for almost 20 years. An approximate 64% of people get a job through a referral, so it is easy to understand how harnessing the power of internet-based social networks can help anyone seeking employment. Social media can be used for so much more than posting pictures of your lunch!

LinkedIn Jobs - Job Search Sites


LinkUp logo


LinkUp boasts being one of the purest job search engines on the web. What do they mean by that? No spam. No duplicate listings. No old offers for positions that have long been filled. LinkUp is all about making their users’ experience as smooth and efficient as possible. They also allow you to automate your search so that relevant job offers are sent directly to you. Let’s be honest, the internet could use more quality websites like this one.

LinkUp - Job Search Sites


Mediabistro logo


Mediabistro has been helping media positions get filled for over 20 years. Giants such as CNN, Fox News, Bloomberg, HBO and PBS are only some of the world-famous media companies to have used Mediabistro. The website also contains resources for media professionals and courses for journalists. Mediabistro is the be all end all of the industry, and anyone who is serious about a career in media should check it out.

Mediabistro Jobs - Job Search Sites


Monster logo


Though it might seem like a typical job search site, what sets Monster apart is the career advice section, where applicants can get specific constructive criticism and advice based on their application. And that’s pretty invaluable. Because only your Mom thinks you are perfect all the time 😄

Monster Jobs - Job Search Sites


SimplyHired logo


Best for searching for local jobs, SimplyHired shows you jobs in your general that match your qualifications. It also has a handy salary estimator, which will show you how much money you can realistically expect to make in the position you are applying for.

SimplyHired - Job Search Sites


Snagajob logo


Snag posts new job openings every hour. The Snag app is easily installed on your phone or tablet and will let you know as soon as a job matching your resume and even personality (!) is posted. Modern technology at its best!

Snagajob - Job Search Sites


TalentZoo logo


TalentZoo is another website devoted mostly to job offers for creatives, including jobs in advertising, new media, design, and tech. Many of the jobs listed on TalentZoo are remote, part-time or freelance, so perfectly up to date with today’s gig economy. 

TalentZoo - Job Search Sites


The Ladders logo


If you have plenty of knowledge and experience and high salary requirements to match, TheLadders could be the right job search site for you. Containing only vetted job offers with annual salaries of $100,000 or more, this website also provides career advice and news to professionals.

The Ladders - Job Search Sites


USAjobs.gov logo


Craving the stability and security of a federal government job? Or maybe you are looking for a way to serve your country? Veterans, military spouses and Native Americans are among the groups USAjobs.gov specializes in hiring. The general public is also welcome, but make sure to take the gravity of the job seriously!

USAjobs.gov - Job Search Sites


US.jobs logo


US.jobs is another website that is especially good for veterans. If you are a military-to-civilian job seeker, you will appreciate the transparent, user-friendly virtually spam-free interface. So would anyone, for that matter.

US.JOBS - Job Search Sites


Virtual Assistant logo


The concept of a Virtual Assistant is one of the more interesting, versatile and flexible job options out there. Want to work in customer service but dread the thought of a long commute both ways every day? Thanks to Virtual Assistant, you can make reservations for clients, do telemarketing, tutor children, or perform a variety of administrative tasks from the comfort of your living room. All you need is a phone, a computer, and some good organizational skills.

VirtualAssistant.com - Job Search Sites


WeWorkRemotely logo


Is small talk not really your strong suit? Do you prefer the company of your dog to that of most people? Then WeWorkRemotely could be the perfect job search site for you! Check out WeWordRemotely to see which of the over 10,000 remote jobs listed on their website could be perfect for you. And your dog.

WWR - WeWorkRemotely - Job Search Sites


Workew logo


Much like WeWorkRemotely, Workew contains job offers for those seeking remote employment with innovative, progressive companies specializing in areas such as marketing, writing, design, and customer support. Being a digital nomad is so 2020! And have we mentioned how much your dog will love you for it?

Workew - The Best Jobs to Work Remotely - Job Search Sites


ZipRecruiter logo


Powered by innovative matching technology, ZipRecruiter connects literal millions of businesses and job seekers the world over. ZipRecruiter also makes it easy to upload your resume using either the Android or iOS app so you can apply for one of the million plus jobs on the website.

ZipRecruiter - The Smartest Way to Get Hired - Job Search Sites


That was a lot to read through, but I think it was worth it — you definitely have a much better idea of where to apply for your dream job now, don’t you?

Now, all you have to do is get a resume together and start applying! And luckily for you, I can help you there, too 😄 Check out my detailed guide on how to write a good resume here. See you there!

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Joanna Ryś

Joanna Ryś

Sourcing Specialist

Joanna Ryś

Sourcing Specialist

Joanna has 8 years of experience in the recruitment industry, and currently works as the Chief Strategist for Sourcing in the EMEA area at HAYS. Microsoft, Rolls Royce Aerospace, Abbott, AB Inbev are several companies from the...portfolio of clients with whom it has cooperated, and its tasks include defining strategies for obtaining candidates in Europe, independent management of recruitment tools, monitoring the rate of return on investment, implementing initiatives from the area of Employer Branding into processes recruitment and data analysis. Sharing knowledge and discussions about working with candidates is her passion, which is why she eagerly creates new training programs, conducts postgraduate classes, organizes workshops with students of Krakow universities, employees of her company and free students from various social organizations. Passionate about computer games and socioeconomic issues.